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Mobile Credit Card Processing for Secure Transactions On-the-Go

With BluePay’s mobile credit card processing solutions for Android, iPhone and iPad, you can accept payments anywhere and truly improve ease of use and cost efficiency.

  • Enjoy secure mobile payment processing for all major credit card, debit card and ACH transactions
  • Utilize our encrypted EMV card readers to keep sensitive payment data off your device
  • Stay connected, accept credit card payments and increase sales no matter where your business takes you

Convenient Mobile Merchant Account in a Mobile Market

The rapid advancements in mobile technology have allowed consumers to shop online and make payments via mobile wallet apps. Mobile credit card processing is now more accessible, convenient and secure. With BluePay’s advanced mobile merchant account solutions and SwipeSimple EMV card readers, merchants can accept major credit cards, debit cards and even checks from their smartphone or tablet. Processing transactions using the SwipeSimple mobile app can help to improve customer service and increase sales wherever your business takes you.

Secure and Efficient Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile credit card processing is fast and easy! Our mobile processing products allow merchants to enter credit card information, manage accounts and reporting and send receipts through email — all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. Compliance with strict PCI standards and security solutions such as chip card functionality, point-to-point encryption and tokenization help reduce the risk of compromised data. No credit card data is ever stored on your device, so you can accept credit cards securely anywhere you go.


SwipeSimple is an advanced mobile payment solution that allows you to easily accept and process credit card transactions on the go.

Instead of lugging around a bulky POS terminal to that next conference, SwipeSimple only requires an Android or IOS app and a tiny reader attachment that fits directly into your smart phone or tablet.

Whether you’re hosting trade shows or attending off-site events, you’ll never have to turn away another sale. As long as you have a smart device, a connection and SwipeSimple, you’re in business.

The best part is, this minimalist setup works right out of the box. Setting up your Android device is every bit as straightforward.

How SwipeSimple Has Helped Revolutionize Secure Mobile Payment Processing

Developed by CardFlight, SwipeSimple isn’t the world’s first mobile payment solution. There are many other apps and smart device attachments that allow you to process payments on the go, anytime and anywhere.

But when shopping for mobile payment partners, we were immediately impressed with the advanced security features that CardFlight’s SwipeSimple offers.

Whereas most mobile payment solutions use legacy reader technology to process older forms of plastic, SwipeSimple also comes with an EMV attachment for newer and more secure chip-enabled credit cards. When coupled with BluePay’s PCI-compliant processing, SwipeSimple’s EMV capabilities can help dramatically reduce credit card abuse within your business.

This means more legitimate sales and less overall fraud — a winning formula for any company focused on long-term growth.

Additional Benefits of SwipeSimple Mobile Payment Processing

SwipeSimple’s mobile payment processing solutions come with additional business functionality that helps distinguish it from the pack.

Some standout features include:

  • Extensive backend reporting
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Cloud-based inventory tracking

Thanks to BluePay’s payment integration, all of these data points automatically sync with the business software tools your employees already use. So even if your sales team is on the other side of the world converting prospects into customers, all new transactions are instantly reflected in your accounting ledger and CRM platform. No manual data entry required.

Each and every business owner will become a contributor and a partner. We will provide every merchant with a  Puppy love processing Logo/Contributor sticker so you can post it in your store, letting your customers know that by shopping in your store they are also contributing to a great cause.

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