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Puppy Love Processing Is on a Mission to Save Animals from Harm

Saving animals and providing them medical care, finding them homes and putting an end to cruelty. We are proud to support charitable efforts to make possible happier and healthier lives for thousands of animals each year.

Our Mission

Puppy Love Processing has a business mission and a social mission.

Our business mission is simple:
• Provide merchants and enterprises access to best-in-class credit card payment processing solutions
• Drive our clients’ ability to connect with the market and extend their customer capabilities
• Demonstrate our commitment to outstanding service and complete customer
• Be a force for innovation in the industry

Achieving our social mission depends on our success as a business, but it’s no less important in our hearts:
• Save animals from dogfighting kennels, puppy mills, hoarder homes and other cruelty-related situations
• Support efforts to provide victimized animals with life-saving care and behavioral rehabilitation
• Help bring animals off the streets and into loving homes
• Be an ambassador and partner in the fight against animal cruelty
Our Founder & CEO, Marlen Noah, has been successful in both missions during her career. She’s been active in the credit card payment processing industry for a decade, helping clients to exceed their business goals. She’s also been a staunch advocate for animal health, safety, and happiness.

Puppy Love Processing is extremely proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to carefully selected animal rescue and care organizations. Supported organizations are all active in ending animal cruelty, providing animals access to medical care and placing them in compassionate homes.

Puppy Love Processing also provides the option to its customers to make their own charitable decisions, by rebating them a percentage to donate as they see fit. We’re helping make this a better world for businesses and for animals – we hope you’ll join us and empower success together.

What we do

  • We save animals from dog-fighting, puppy mills, hoarding and other cruelty-related situations
  • We provide animal victims of cruelty with life-saving medical care and behavioral rehabilitation
  • We want to help thousands of animals get off the streets and into loving homes every single year
  • We fight To End animal cruelty but we need you by our side. By partnering up with businesses across america we can do this together

Each and every business owner will become a contributor and a partner. We will provide every merchant with a  Puppy love processing Logo/Contributor sticker so you can post it on your door, letting your customers know that by shopping in your store they are also contributing to a great cause.

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Come on board and let's help animals together

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