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About the founder of Puppy love processing - Marlen Noah

About Puppy Love Processing
Puppy Love Processing provides vendors with access to safe, reliable and affordable payment
processing solutions, including payment gateways, POS systems, mobile credit card processing
and e-commerce. By sharing proceeds with charitable organizations, Puppy Love Processing is
also embarking on a crucial social mission: to help save animals by ending cruelty, providing
them access to medical care and placing them in compassionate homes.
The company is helping to rescue thousands of animals from dogfighting kennels, puppy mills,
hoarder homes and other cruelty-related situations, while assisting vendor clients migration to
more effective and professional payment processing solutions.

Puppy Love Processing is headquartered in Florida, with offices also in Chicago. The company
has additional partnerships and business relationships located in the United States.

About Marlen Noah, Puppy Love Processing Founder & CEO
Marlen Noah has been an entrepreneur in the credit card payment processing industry for over a decade. Ms. Noah is a single mother of two wonderful boys and has dedicated herself to the community and charitable service, including volunteering at organizations committed to helping disadvantaged families and visiting with patients in hospice care. Her son Daniel one day brought home an adorable Yorkie, who quickly became the center of the family’s attention. “Shosho” was also the inspiration for Ms. Noah to blend her professional expertise with her commitment to social service. She realized that the essential need for reliable and safe credit card processing services could be combined with a charitable initiative that could bring together businesses in a common cause: animal rescue and care. Puppy Love Processing debuted very shortly after and Ms. Noah is proud to serve as both a resource for merchants and enterprises and a leader in the effort to help at-risk animals enjoy healthier and happier lives. Ms. Marlen would like to thank her customers, clients, and partners for their support.

Each and every business owner will become a contributor and a partner. We will provide every merchant with a  Puppy love processing Logo/Contributor sticker so you can post it in your store, letting your customers know that by shopping in your store they are also contributing to a great cause.

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Come on board and let's help animals together

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